6 Side Ponytails That You Will Love


Side ponytail always brings an elegant appearance like an 80’s prom queen. However, differ from that classic one in the past, we have found you some modern side ponytails that inspirit you immediately!

Fancy Updo with a Side Pony

This is side pony for formal situations. It is easy to create by combining three ponytails on top of each other along the side of your head. Plus, try to hold the bottom of it with an elastic band.

Cascading Braid Pony

Go medieval on your hair and pair a braided side pony with luscious, lovely curls. Keep this braid behind your ear and just tie about 3 per 4 lengths of hair with an elastic band. Let the rest of them loosely and cascading natural.

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Criss-Cross Side Pony

Take a break with your typical side ponytail by adding some criss-cross action. You just need to overlap sections of hair and pin them until you hit the base of the neck. Easy, right?

Messy Side Pony

Messy, undone looks are very trendy recently. The tip for it is to make sure of using hair products such as texturizing or hair spray before styling.

Beautifully Braided Ponytail

You will look like a princess, honestly! In Disney cartoon, particularly Elsa in Frozen movie wraps around the back of her head and continues down the shoulder. Try it on a special occasion.

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Side Pony and Dutch Braid Combo

Keep that magical combination of braid and side pony by going strong with a thick, full Dutch braid around the side of the head. Plus you need to pull the braid a little bit to make it fuller and messier.

We hope that with these trendy side ponytails above, you have your options now. Experiment on your next occasion.

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