6 Stunning Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair


A few years ago, short hair was assumed to be for cool and badass girls, not for the girly ones. That explained why most prom hair inspiration used to be all about long hair and intricate updos. However, the perspectives have changed dramatically. Today, girls are free to try whatever styles they want without the fear of others’ judgment. There are tons of prom hairstyles that girls with short hair can choose. We round up our 6 favorite ones below for your inspiration. Pick one and do some practice to make the whole room at prom “wow”.

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1. Prom Hairstyles: 1950s glamour waves

If you love curls and still want to keep this style in your prom. 1950s glamour waves are worth a try. You can add the volume and dimension with a deep side part.

2. Half-up braided bun

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For the hair which is too short to do a full updo, this style is a perfect alternative.

3. Twisted bun style

However complex as this bun looks, it is actually much more simple than you think. All you need to do is twisting a front section of hair and wrap it around a low bun.

4. Prom Hairstyles: Vintage-inspired finger waves

Waves are always ideal for the picture-perfect look. Try out the inspiration from the 1920s and rock a seriously chic flapper hairstyle.

5. Waterfall braid style

Trust me, if I were your partner in this prom season, this style of the braid would definitely kill me with all of the details and the girly vibe of it.

6. Curly pixie style

You don’t often have much time on the prom day, right? Them, this hairstyle saves you a lot of time. Adding some decorative headpiece to make it ready.

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