6 Tips to choose the right hairstyles for square faces


Women with square faces sometimes are confusing about how to choose suitable hairstyles. First of all, make sure that your face is square by taking a full picture of your face without a smile. If you have square faces, the length of their face is nearly equal to its width. Those who have square faces are definitely photogenic, choosing the right hairstyles might complement their natural charm.

Here are some tips to choose the perfect hairstyles for square faces. 

– Remember to pay attention to the volume at the roots since the correct proportions might make your face look longer. By using soft waves and round off the transitions between textures, you might turn your face into an oval one.

– Choosing between coloristic techniques, you should dye separate lock or go for ombre and remember to avoid defined borders between the hues.

– Stay away from straight bangs and hairstyles especially thick blunt cut bangs because it’ll make the bottom of your face even heavier. Instead, you should distinct graded layers. You should go for side bangs, distracting from the broad forehead and reducing the sharpness of your facial features.

– With straight shoulder-length or longer tresses along the cheek might help to narrow and elongate your square face. By doing this, the jaw corners will strategically be covered.

– Go for waves and curls if you want to flatter your feminine style, beach waves or shiny bouncy curls for example.

Short haircuts are usually unflattering for square faces since they literally bare your sharpness. 

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With the right hairstyles, women with square faces might look stunning, we give you some of the best hairstyles for square face. But you don’t need to duplicate what you see in pictures below, instead understand how lines, textures, and lengths work particularly for your face shape.

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