7 Hairstyles You Can Actually Do in 10 seconds (Part I)


We’ve all been there, waking up in the morning and getting no seconds to get ready with our hair. However, we’re in rush doesn’t mean that we have to appear at work with messy hair. Girls like us need to put our appearance in priority. There are no excuses. Here are 7 stunning hairstyles you can actually finish in a few seconds. Practice and you can have them done in even zero-time mornings. 

1. The Modern Messy Bun

This little-effort ballerina bun is perfect for summer. You can get it done just by a few steps. Firstly, tie your hair up to form a ponytail. Then, twist your hair and secure the bun with some tiny pins. You can make this style look more polished but still natural by adding some volumes on the crown of your head.

You can use a headband to get your hair together. The Classic Shoestring Fabric Headbands which sare affording and have lovely pastel colors are our favs.

2. The Mega-Volume Double Pony Hairstyle

Have you ever hated summer since you cannot tie your hair up? Here’s the solution. The Mega-Volume Double Pony gives your ponytails extra length and volume.

To get this look, you need to divide your hair into 2 parts. Then tie the upper part up, and next go to the lower one. Then, use the fine-tooth comb teasing it out to create the fullness and natural look.

The Biodegradable Hair Ties can keep your hair in place throughout the days.

3. The Grown-Up Half-Up

TBH, this hairstyle is my personal fav for almost 2 years. It is easy to make but its look is sophisticated and gorgeous. To copy this look, at first, sweep your hair into a half-up and a half-down. Scoop the upper part up and leave some little fine layers of hair to frame the face. You can invert the half-up to make it more interesting style. Readjust your hair to create more volume.

Our tip is applying the Hydrating Styling Cream to keep this effortless-look hair all day long.

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