7 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Older Woman in 2020


Summer is the season of short hair. Who wants long hair that makes your neck sweaty and uncomfortable? When it comes to hairstyles in particular and beauty in general, there are no boundaries to try new things. Even if you are no longer at a young age, you can still refresh yourself by changing a hairstyle that is fixed for years. Below are the top 7 short hairstyles for older woman that would likely become trendy this year.

1. Short Hairstyles for Older Woman: Carefree Pixie With Glasses

In case you don’t have much time or simply don’t want to put any effort into post-salon periods, this style is for you. It is carefree and soft, making your face appear even more well-balanced.

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2. Short Haircuts for Older Woman: Low Maintenance Pixie

Another hairstyle that doesn’t require much care is low maintenance pixie. You can also go with many styles with this one: textured, sleek, and messy, you choose!

3. Short Hairstyles for Older Woman: Spunky Pixie for Over 50

Spunky pixie has been one of the best hairstyles for women over 50 because it doesn’t require much time and effort to be maintained. What’s best? It is cool and can be styled differently!

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4. Easy to Style Short Wedge Bob

Short wedge bob is not only timeless but also very easy to style. Whatever age you are, this style can bring up an edgy and fashionable look!

5. Short Hairstyles for Older Woman: Liberated Grey Hair Shag

Shag is all about something sassy, messy, and fun!

6. Color That Gray Bob

Age is just a number. Even you are 20 or more than 50 years old, it’s a perfect time to try out gray bob because why not?

7. Textured Bob With Soft Layers

I would describe this hairstyle as textured and soft, which is created by many volumes.

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