A stylish trend for young men this summer – crew haircut


Men, do you want to stay cool, stylish, and fresh? Do you want to look masculine and gentle? If the answer is a Yes, it is time you tried the crew haircut!  For those who do not know, a crew haircut is one type of short haircut for men. This haircut is easily seen on almost men nowadays, even on some famous stars.

How can you recognize a crew haircut?

The best answer for it is that a crew haircut is a classic men’s haircut is a longer version of the buzz cut. In modern life, this haircut can combine with other types such as the fade and the buzz. Especially, this haircut can be said as the longer version of the buzz cut. Overall, the hair length may reach 1,5 inches in some short crew haircuts and if it is longer, it would be the long ones.

Why should you try this haircut?

Some people say that the short crew cut is a bit more suitable for the youth because it looks quite sassy. Such a hairstyle may make your face look more like an oval face. It can cover almost the imperfections in your face. However, this haircut will be weird on you if your styles and the hair doesn’t match. Therefore, try to be more sporty if you want to try this haircut.

Where can you get this haircut?

The easiest way is to go to the barber, of course. He has enough qualified skills to help you have the best crew haircut with an extremely suitable price. Then your appearance will change definitely. What you need now is to put on a sporty suit. You will look more perfect than ever before the ladies. Now you can get ready for every date! Wait! The very first thing now is to take a quick look at our collection.

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