Absolutely Stunning Honey Blonde Hair Colors


Honey blonde colors bring a perfect balance to women, especially those who have natural blonde or brown hair color. Moreover, this upgrading hair color also refreshes you into a new level of subtle without going overboard. Many women suppose that it makes your hair look tastier and sweeter like the name “honey”. If you are looking for something new, try to look at the list of honey blonde hair colors that inspirit you immediately.

Golden Blonde Balayage for Straight Hair

When you pair your straight hair with honey blonde, it looks more depth and balance than only with brown or blonde. Also, it is beneficial to lighten up your skin tone. You should add side-part or peek-a-boo bangs to finish this look.

Honey Blonde Lob with Highlights

Another way for you is to add some highlights that make your natural honey richer.

Long Wavy Honey Blonde Balayage

This style belongs to the women who have long brown hair, but has lost its vigor. We assure you that others will pay attention to you when each long wavy down back to your back.

Sun-Kissed Blonde Waves

We have to say nothing will be perfect more than sun-kissed bright honey color. Bring it beach feelings with waves.

Super Short Inverted Pixie

When people mention about short hairstyles, they never forget pixie cut because it is popular and even sexier than others. The tip for you is cropping close at the nape of the neck, and remembers honey color.

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Short Curly Inverted Honey Blonde Bob

This curly inverted bob inspirits from sexy women in the 1920s. With honey color, we recommend you to choose side-parted bangs and dark eyebrows.

Chocolate Brown Waves with Honey Highlights

With dark brown hair color women, this is a solution to enhance your natural hair to a new boost of energy with golden honey blonde highlights at the ends.

In fact, honey blonde hair colors not only bring a sexy look but also are easy to maintain. Experiment one of them by making a new appointment in a hair salon.

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