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Are ’80s Hairstyles Making a Comeback?


The 80s, the decade of the creation of many different eccentric styles, like punk-pop fashion and gender-blurring haircuts. The epitome of hairstyle at that time paid attention to the cool girls with big curls and bangs. Some of 80s hairstyles tend to come back recently. Therefore, we want to show you some famous celebrities who are bringing these styles back.

80s decade Hairstyle: Beyoncé’s Voluminous Curls

Reflective of the classical crimped hair, Beyoncé’s frizzy curls in this look are worthy of 80s hairstyles icon. A lot of modern girls inspired by her hairstyle. Do you want to try this style like Beyoncé’s curls?

Perfect Perm by Lily Collins’

Lily should be called a beauty chameleon because she always looks great in any style that she sets out to conquer. Especially, she often gives much special attention to the classical styles. When she wore this style at Cannes Film Festival, she walked proudly with Flashdance-Esque curls. She made her hair full of volume and bounce and it became one of an ideal recreation of the iconic 80s hairstyles.

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High Ponytail of Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj was the most famous singer who brings 80’s high pony comes back. The way she combined the ponytail with some modern braids was great to make this previously outdated style back to life.

Kristen Stewart’s Short Updo: the iconic style in the 80s

It’s hard to ignore the ’80s vibes that Kristen Stewart gave off with this look at the Met Gala. The combination of her teased roots, short androgynous style, and metallic makeup created 80’s punk attitude. We believe that she pleased with her hair choice.

Wispy Bangs of Alexa Chung: Best 80s hairstyle

Like the style of Debbie Harry, Alexa Chung’s made it looks more impressed by using her wispy loose bangs. You can to the decades bangs styles after looking at these hairdos for inspiration.

In fact, these celebrities today are starting to refresh the 80s hairstyles, and incorporating them into our modern trends. Which celebrity are you inspirit with?

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