Ariana Grande Haircuts To Get Inspiration In 2020


When it comes to celebrities who have special hairstyles, we cannot miss Ariana Grande. She always impresses others by her ponytail hair any time she appears. So, today we will see some of Ariana Grande haircuts.

High Ponytail

For this well-known singer, as you may know, a high ponytail is her signature hairstyle. You can see this ponytail in her pictures, music video, carpets, or her daily life. A plus point of this hairstyle is that it will make you look higher.  

Ponytail With Long Side Bang – Ariana Grande haircuts

For a more mature and seductive look, instead of the normal high ponytail, she adds long side bang. This bang makes her look more attractive, and you can see this hairstyle in her music video “Thank U, Next”.

Ponytail with Bow

The famous artist also mixes her ponytail with other accessories for a better look. If you have a chance to look at her hairstyle on Met Gala’s carpet, you will see a huge blonde bow. Her style is so special that others have to look at her.

Ponytail with Cat Ear Headband – Ariana Grande haircuts

Her ponytail is decorated with not only a huge bow but also a cat ear headband. This kind of headband makes her become so adorable, chic and mischievous at the same time.

Two space buns

As you may know, in “7 Rings” MV, two small buns with diamonds make her look so sexy.

Straight long hair – Ariana Grande haircuts

Have you ever wondered that she only wore a high ponytail? The answer is “No”. Sometimes, you can see her in a long and straight hair, which makes her softer and different from when she appears in the signature hairstyle.

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