Baby Hair Styling – 8 Ways to Make a Formation


Baby hair sometimes is so annoying. You cannot cut it out, but you cannot keep it fall into your eyes. This feeling is truly unbearable, especially in summer. That’s why you need baby hair styling. Why not turn this section of hair into an accessory for your finish look. We rounded up 8 common ways to style your baby hair. Check them out!

1. Baby Hair Styling – U-Wave

Zendaya is so sexy with those styled baby hair. You can be just like her. Apply hairspray to a toothbrush, and gently mold the baby hair into U-shape.

2. Soft Spirals

To copy the look of Tessa Thompson, you are required to prepare a promade like the DevaCurl’s Beautiful Mess and a toothbrush. Use the old one that you are about to throw away. From the middle part, shape the hair into S-shape to have kiss curls.

3. Baby Hair Styling – Simple Sweep

Lather up the pomade and hide the baby hair under your hairline to copy Chilli’s soft look.

4. Make Waves

This style is pretty easy. All you need to do is place your hair in the middle of your forehead and brush them in wavy direction.

5. Baby Hair Styling – Wispy Bangs

Bangs may make you regret it. But a wispy bang made by baby hair won’t since you can remove it whenever you want.

6. S-Curl

Make the S-curl as dramatic as you want it to be and you got the look.

7. Baby Hair Styling – Superwoman Curl

Yara Shahidi’s hair is so iconic that I can’t take my eyes off. Create little curls at the ends is the key to have the style.

8. High Impact

Zoe Kravitz’s wave is done by the combo of brushing and slicking hair.

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