Bathrobe Curls are a Legit Way to Get Heat-Free Waves


My friends, just like you, we are now having my brain shutdown time. The only thing I have to do is to take care of a tiny app called TikTok and millions of people put it in exactly the same tune. Once you’ve passed through the dance routines and Gemma Collins lip syncs. However, a heap of truly interested beauty content is actually available on TikTok: bathrobe curls.

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While some are there just for fun, I have taken some new tricks here and there for make-up videos and acne tips. Though the new may only be my favorite because a) I think that it should be a joke, but then twist b) the best curl I’ve ever seen appears to be giving. All of the tools you need for your best hair?

Your dressing robe’s belt. That’s it.

It’s funny, I know, but bear with me.

A tutorial on how to create bathrobe curls

After you dust off your croissant gown and slip it in two weeks and remove it, remove the belt like a hairband and put it on the head.

Quick note, it appears that this trick works best with a thick belt of towels. I digress anyway … Anyway …

Then, to create bathrobe curls, placed around the belt on each end of your hair, as if two pigtails but with a robe dressing cloth.

Like I told you … Kiss me. Hug me. Embrace.

After you sleep on the rope overnight (for the best results), untie your hair and take off your cord and I know you don’t trust me.

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Scroll down for more images of bathrobe curls following the above guideline.

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