Home Bob Hairstyles Best A-Line Bobs You Need to Try (Trending for 2020)

Best A-Line Bobs You Need to Try (Trending for 2020)

Line Bob with Side Bangs
Line Bob with Side Bangs

Best A-Line Bobs You Need to Try (Trending for 2020)

Cute & Effortless A-Line Bob Haircuts That’ll Stun You

New Ideas of A-Line Bob Haircuts

How to Choose A-Line Bob Length

When it comes to bob haircuts, it’s important to emphasize how versatile they are. Women of all ages can rock these haircuts. If you want A-line bob, the best thing to do is to book a hair appointment at a great salon where a hairstylist will determine the ideal length based on your face shape and hair texture.

For example, if your face is round, you may want to opt for  A-line long bob which will exhibit a slimming effect in this case. It’s practical to combine bob with side-swept bangs for an even better impact. A-line cut bob is also suitable for women with a square face, but make sure the length is an inch or two below your jaw.

Longer bobs are not only suitable for round face, but for the heart-shaped face as well, but chin length can also make you look fabulous. Women with an oval face can rock just about any haircut they want, and A-line bob haircut is not the exception. Shorter bob gives you a more flattering look, but don’t underestimate the power of long bob as well.

If you have thin hair, opting for shorter cuts may visually boost hair volume. Thicker hair looks great either way, but styling longer bob may be more convenient as hair won’t be too puffy.

When it comes to bangs, choices are numerous. Women with square and round faces should avoid blunt bangs and go for longer, side-swept, or parted kinds.

A-Line Bob vs. Graduated Bob

As mentioned above in the article, not all bob haircuts are created equal. A-line bob is sometimes mistaken for graduated bob, so it’s important to clarify their difference. While both types of haircuts are characterized by longer hair in the front, graduated bob has stacked layers in the back.

A graduated bob is more curved and has a horseshoe-like appearance. On the other hand, true A-line bob haircut does not have stacking and is more relaxed.

As you can see, A-line bob is versatile and so easy to maintain. Use these photos as an inspiration to change your hairstyle.



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