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Best Afro Hairstyles For Men 2020


Afro hairstyles are becoming more and more popular these days. This hairstyle was born especially for you – black men since you can come up with a variety of afro hairstyles from short to long. Actually this special haircut is not easy to work with, especially when you have extremely thick hair. However, this collection and our writing will be your inspiration for you to take a try.

Short Afro

This is one of the favorite afro hairstyles. Because it looks small and has the short hair on top, people call it small or mini afro. With this haircut, you don’t need to worry about managing a big afro. You also can maintain and grow your top hair for new haircut someday.

Big Afro

Unlike the short afro, a big afro hairstyle will require time and more skills to do. We suggest you ask barber to do it for you. We assure that you will be surprised finally.

Long Afro Hair

It is undeniable that you should take care of long hair more than other hair lengths. The long afro haircut will not be an exception. However, this haircut gives you a perfect outlook after all. Rock this style!

Curly Afro

This afro hairstyle can be an ideal cut for those who have naturally curly hair. To have a more complicated look, try some shaved parts in your hair.

Afro + Shape Up

The afro hairstyle mixed with shape up is never out of date. With light shaved sideburns, you will look neat and mature which is suitable for any job.

High Skin Fade + Line Up + Afro

For those who have long natural hair, this haircut is not a bad option. This haircut is mixed with high skin fades and afro styles.

It is time for you to choose new afro hairstyles for this summer 2020. Check it out right now!

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