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Best and Easy Haircuts Short Haircuts for Older Women


Many older women now want to look beautiful with their hairstyles. However, they feel tired because every day they have to bother with a lot of hair products. Plus, they are worried that their hair will be damaged easier. Realizing that point, we want to give you some short, stylish, and low maintenance haircuts and even giving a younger look. If you are finding a suitable hairstyle, check out some perfect short haircuts for older women below to get more inspiration.

Fine Hair Pixie with Glasses

With women who wear glasses, consider this pixie combed toward the front. This style suits for all hair type women, from thin to thick hair. We think that it will fit with your glasses.

Undercut Pixie for Dark Skin

This short hairstyle belongs to black older women, especially those who are over 50. If you want to look bolder, you can emphasize this undercut with razor shaved lines. Are you ready to be the center of attention?

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Feathered Bob for Over 50 Women

An easy maintenance hairstyle that you can get is a feathered bob. We highly recommend you to choose blonde to go with it. Plus, add bangs if you like.

Side Swept Bangs Short Haircuts for Older Women

Side-swept bangs are so familiar with many women, even older women. This style is beneficial because it will flatter your face shape with the beautiful angles.

Short Wavy Hairstyles 

Women say that they look more youthful and sexy with wavy hair. If you don’t like very short styles, you can make it longer.

Long Bob

Long bob suits the natural graying of hair type. So, you can show off that color in these short haircuts for older women. Moreover, it also works great on blonde and women with long faces.

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