Best Blue-Ombre Hair Color Ideas for summer-Part 2


In this post, we ‘ll continue to bring you some fabulous blue-ombre hair ideas that will become hot trends this summer.

Ash Blonde with Blue

It is so easy for a blonde hair girl who is looking for a tiny pop color in her life. Especially, it looks like you are dipping your hair into a can of paint, and brings you an intentionally cool in the summer.

Blue-ombre hair: Purple Blue Hue

The shade of blue and lavender are melting seamlessly into shades of purple. What a dreamy hair color! However, you should choose a professional hairdresser and describe it clearly to them. Although the detail takes long hours to do exactly, it is also worth to wait!

Lavender Strands with Pastel Blue

Super trendy lavender strands combine with pastel blue will bring you to the whole new level of cool. Soft lavender strands unify with pastel blue that creating not only an allover soft but also edgy feel.

Blue-ombre hair: Blonde hair with Mint Blue

Take this idea as an example that creates all opportunities to look unique.  Going for a boldly colored ombre on the blonde base brings harmony and creativity. The half-braids are made much more visually interesting thanks to random pops of turquoise.

Denim Ombre Hair

Are you a fan of pale tones? This hair color can satisfy your passion! This is a complicated combination, particularly starting with your black hair at the top, fading to ashy blonde, and ending with navy blue. To achieve the stunning look, you should finish it by curling in a navy blue.

Did you satisfy with these blue-ombre hair ideas? Just feel free to try them now for summer, but first, find a professional colorist.

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