Best Blue-Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Summer-Part I


Ombre hair color is always on-trend and now is taking the lead all over the world.   This hair color is popular for many years and today it has a great demand. So many women love this color because it has low-maintenance and also helps to hide the damaged ends. There are many blue-ombre hair color ideas on the internet that might make you confused. In order to help you narrow your search, here are some versions for you to try.

Dark Brown into Turquoise Ombre Hair

This color makes you look like a mermaid in a fairy-tale story. The remarkable point of this ombre is the combination of two distinct shades of blue, particularly the dark blue ombre hair in the mid-section of the mane, with lighter pearly turquoise at the tips.

Blue-Ombre hair: Icy Blue Ombre

Are you a dark-haired girl who wants to go blue? You can consider this icy blue ombre. The contrast between your naturally dark hair and the light icy blue brings you a stunning appearance. You should pair with waves to add more color dimension

Blue on Blue ombre

If you are longing a variation, you can rock the ombre color without using your natural color in the roots. You will attract other looks by a deep navy blue base and the hue lightens as it trickles down the length like a stunning waterfall we’re going to chase.

Black Hair with Blue-Grey Tips

Imagine that your hair looks like a picture, and you paint a subtle blue shade on it. The best way to achieve the edge and uniqueness of blue hair is that you need to get it closer with your available hair color.

Blue-Ombre hair: Unicorn Hair

If you are ready for a big revolution of yourself, do not be hesitant; let’s choose this unicorn hair color. However, you should prepare for the maintenance of this style and a stunning smile when everybody will look at you because of the onslaught of adorning stares.

We are sure that you will be inspired after seeing these blue-ombre hair collections!

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