Eye-Catching Long Hairstyles for Black Women


A beautiful fine long hair is a dream of many women in the world. In fact, almost black women already have it. If you are one of these lucky women, you also should know how to show off your treasure effectively. After knowing that demand, we want to present you with some on-trend long hairstyles for black women that help you to present your long hair in the best light.

Long Golden Brown Curls: Best Hairstyles for Black Women

Thanks to the color idea, it flatters black women’s skin tone more stunning than ever before. And also, the curls create volumes and textures for their long hair.

Weave with Shoulder-Length Curls

Another curly hairstyle on this list for black women is shoulder-length curls. In this style, you don’t need to change hair color too much to get the best one, just black or darker hue. You will become the sexiest black woman in any situation.

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Long Box Braids

This hairstyle is versatile because it not only protects women hair but also brings trendy appearance. Plus, box braids don’t need a high-maintenance if you are a busy lady. It suits for all women, regardless of age. 

Marley Twists: Long Hairstyle for Black Women

Marley twists are an ideal way to keep long hair women in high protection as box braids. The difference between them is the hair type of black women. An interesting point of this hairstyle is the twists tend to be lighter and pull less on your hair than box braids.

Long Faux Hawk

All things you need to do to achieve this gorgeous hairstyle is simply pinning your natural curls above the temples.

Minnie Mouse Buns for Black Hair

Are you looking for a cute style when hanging out at the weekend? You definitely can grab that look with lovely buns in 5 minutes creation.

What are you waiting for? Choose one of these long hairstyles for black women and experiment right now!

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