Best hairstyles for different face shapes


Today, we are going to pick the best hairstyles for different face shapes.

1. Best hairstyles for round face shape

If your face is shaped in round, why don’t you try lob, shoulder-length or messy bob hair. Other choices for you are to cut layers, and then curl them a little bit without bangs. Or if you want to go for cuteness, let’s tie the half-down top not.

With these hairstyles, you are going to look more girlish and achieve the balance of the face. Also, these are the trendy hairstyles for 2020. Why are these the best hairstyles for the round face? It’s because they will cover part of your round face, and make it become smaller, and emphasize the outstanding points of your face.

2. Best hair for long face shape

For this face shape, there also have a lot of choices such as wavy hair and short bob.  And it would be better if you did not wear straight styles because it will make your face look longer.  

The short or shoulder-length hair is preferred, and it will make your face look rounder. For this face shape, you can cut your bang to have cute look. Or if you want to show your forehead, it will be okay to do that!

3. Best hairstyles for square face shape

You can appear in a soft and girlish look if you try to cut layers or shoulder-length hair.  These will bring about a sexy and chic look.

Besides, they will help cover what you do not want to show to others, and make what you wanna show be seen. That’s why your face will become more beautiful and more attractive. You can take these following pictures for references.

These are the best hairstyles I want to show you guys for different face shapes. I hope you will like it!

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