Best Ivy League Military Haircuts Of All Time


Although there are many variations of haircuts today, ivy league military haircuts seem to be the favorite one of lots of men. Despite being not too trendy or stylish, these haircuts still bring special looks to those who wear them. Last few years, these haircuts have been more and more popular. To help you guys to choose one style, we bring you the collection of the best ivy league military haircuts of all time. We hope you like it!

Buzz Cut

It is one of the most classic ivy league military haircuts. This haircut suits guys who own the fine and natural short hair. A plus point for Buzz cut is that you needn’t care about the maintenance and hair-care so much. 

Crew Cut 

The crew cut is also one popular short haircuts. Wearing this haircut makes you look neat and cool. You can ask the barber to leave the top long enough to keep the flair look. 


It will be a mistake if we don’t mention the undercut in this collection. The undercut is never out of fashion. This haircut can be flexibly transformed by adding some textures such as the long slick back or the comb-over, v.v. 

Burr cut 

This haircut is simple and effortless to style. However, men look masculine in this burr cut. Let’s give it a try!

High and tight fade 

When mentioning the stop list short haircuts for men, fade haircut is always one of the top-searched ones. Instead of the classic one, you can choose some other variations these days such as messy high and tight fade or forward-swept high and tight. 

That’s our collection of Best Ivy League Military Haircuts Of All Time. We hope that you have been inspired to choose a new haircut through our article today. 

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