Best Short Haircuts for Straight Hair of This Season


Best Short Haircuts for Straight Hair of This Season

Straight hair is always tempting. Therefore, a lot of curly and wavy hair owners are also opting for it. Since long hair demands more care and effort, adopting short haircut on your straight locks is a rewarding idea. By short hair, we’re not referring to bob only, you can do much more than this.

Color your tress, or give it an asymmetrical cut, chop it off for adding fullness and dimension, give it a pixie cut or highlight the layers. We love the strategically placed color on shags framing the contour for a dramatic effect. Funky undercut or eye covering long bangs are just other options you may choose to wear.

Hey, there’re bunches of other varieties available out there. Scroll down the article to find 20+ Best Short Haircuts for Straight Hair to celebrate the season.

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