Brown Hair Colors – 5 Stunning Ideas in 2020


Everywhere I go, I see blonde (and other bleached bright color, sometimes). The time when people are obsessed with these colors is nearly over. Too much will make them boring and that’s why brown hair has made a comeback this year.

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We rounded up the top 5 styles going well with brown hair colors as an ultimate collection for your upcoming inspiration.

1. Medium Golden Brown

According to Nikki Ferrara, the New York City-based color expert from Sutton Foster, golden highlights have been replaced by this new trend. Why? Well, golden shades may make your skin look pale, but this brown-ish one only turns your skin to be porcelain.

2. Nearly Noir Style

Gal Gagot has a neutral undertone, which means that her natural base lies between yellow and pink colors. Thus, if your hair condition is the same as hers, this “Nearly noir” can complete the beige complexion.

3. Toasted Caramel Color

To copy the look of Wide, make sure you perfectly blend a sandy color and soft caramel bởn shade. This style is all about you create a dark root and the ends transparent and even see-through.

4. Ombré Brown Hair

Unlike Gal Gagot, Mandy Moore has the pink-and-yellow mixture on her skin. For this undertone, the brunette look or an ombré color will definitely draw every attention to your face.

5. Kohl

Almost-black-hair-but-not-black-at-all has become the typical image of Kendall Jenner. It is quite understandable. I mean, she looks gorgeous with this look than any other color. You can imitate her look if you want. My suggestion for the ones who are fairer than her is that: try out some lighter shades for a start and gradually go darker afterward.

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