Classy Hairstyles for Older Women With Glasses


Many ladies mention the age of over 50 as their second youth. It is true because, at that age, women can spend more time on themselves. One of those things they must do is to redefine their looks and their appearance. Knowing that a lot of older ladies are seeking for their suitable hairstyles, we have collected the top 15 classy hairstyles for older women with glasses. We hope that through our article, you can find your inspiration for your next look. 

Layered bob 

When mentioning the short hairstyles for women over 50, the layered bob is on the top list. This hairstyle is popular, convertible, and matured. For women with glasses, we recommend that you can add a light fringe to be more sophisticated. 

Pixie cut with highlights 

Pixie hairstyles are never a bad option for older women since it is gentle and low-maintenance. To add more volume for this hairdo, the barber should ask more layers and highlights to gain the best look.

Short and natural haircut 

Something natural is always the best. When women wear glasses, it will be better for them to choose some simple and gentle hairdo to brighten their faces. 

One-length bob: the most classy hairstyles for older women with glasses 

If you are looking for some classy hairstyles that fit your dark-color glasses, a one-length bob is exactly your choice. In this case, try to dye your hair bright color such as platinum or white blonde. We assure you that this hairstyle will truly enhance your look. 

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A messy bun 

For those who want to own a more sophisticated yet subtle look, a messy bun is a must. Make sure that you have long enough hair to wrap your hair up. We recommend you use some hair items or accessories to achieve a better look. 

So that’s all pictures with Classy Hairstyles for Older Women With Glasses. It is time you pick for a right hairstyles and refresh your beauty.

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