Cool Hair Colors for Short Hair


Cool Hair Colors for Short Hair

The hairstyle of a person often determines the look and the kind of personality a person has. One’s choice of hairstyle often boosts one’s confidence and self-image. Likewise, the choice of colors you use to enhance the appearance of your hair further adds to the glamour and charm of your hairstyle. For this reason, we are giving here some of the trendy cool hair colors for short hair for you to choose the most suited to your hairstyle.

Dark Black Base with Blue and Red Highlights

This awesome hairstyle with dark black base is further enhanced by the blue and red highlights. Likewise, the asymmetrical cut and choppy crop create a very alluring look which one can’t really ignore in a crowd. The layered hair is quite charming and lovely and you will surely love to sport this fantastic hairstyle.

Radiant Red Short Hair

This awesome pixie hairstyle is enhanced by the radiant red color. The radiant red color gives this hairstyle a new attractive dimension. Likewise, the soft bangs and the razor trimmed back provides a very cute and engaging look. Overall, we could say that this hairstyle is definitely very trendy and charming to behold.

The Stylish Messy Pixie Hairstyle with Tinge of Cherry Red

This fantastic pixie hairstyle is given so much texture by styling it in a messy way. Likewise, the addition of front cherry red color is quite lovely and fascinating to look at. Cool and engaging, this pixie hairstyle is very stylish and glamorous to behold.

The Stylish Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle with Streaks Various Colors

Many women love to sport an asymmetrical bob hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the back looks like a graduated bob. However, the asymmetrical bangs make it belong to the asymmetrical bob hairstyle. The streaks of blonde and Byzantium further amplify the hairstyle look. The effect is definitely amazing and unique. You may want to try this amazing hair color combination for your asymmetrical bob hairstyle.

The Amazing Silver Pixie Cut

This is truly an amazing combination of pixie cut and silver color hair. The effect is very elegant and fantastic. The Cool pixie cut which is punctuated by the lovely bangs is further enhanced by the right choice of silver color. Awesome and truly elegant to behold!

The Stylish Geometric Classic Bob Hairstyle

What can we say about this bob hairstyle? It is definitely awesome and very stylish. This classic bob hairstyle is enhanced by cherry red and other colors in geometric fashion. The result is an ultra-modern hairstyle which is very charming and intriguing. You may want to try this fantastic hairstyle for a change.

The Stylish Pixie Hairstyle with Hues of Blue

Awesome and exciting, this very trendy hairstyle is a classic example of how a pixie hairstyle can be further amplified by the addition of other colors such as the blue color. The choice is awesome giving this pixie cut an artistic look which is intriguing and fascinating at the same time. You may want to try this awesome hairstyle.

The Short Dark Brown Hair Highlighted by Grey and Other Colors

This hairstyle is already fantastic in itself. Yet, with the addition of grey and silver streaks, this hairstyle becomes more intriguing and interesting. The asymmetrical cut further enhances the glamour and appeal of this lovely hairstyle. You will surely love to sport this hairstyle every once in a while.

The Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle Tapered by Hues of Light Brown

This awesome hairstyle is surely a lovely addition to the list of trendy hairstyles. This black base asymmetrical bob as punctuated by the slightly longer one side is further enhanced by the hues of light brown. Awesome and cool, you will surely love this fantastic hairstyle.

The Multi-tonal Spikey Purple Pixie Hairstyle

Amazing indeed! This elaborate messy hairstyle is definitely very artistic. Look at the hurricane like textures of this hairstyle: Fantastically cool and modern. Likewise, the choice of purple color further defines the intriguing and interesting look created by this hairstyle.

The Typical Bob Hairstyle with Tinge of Blue

Whenever a blue color amplifies a hairstyle, the effect is tremendously unconventional. Maybe this is due to the fact that blue is not a natural hair color. Yet, in this typical bob hairstyle, the effect is definitely eye-catching and intriguing. You may want to wear this awesome and fabulous hairstyle.

The Fantastic Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

The cool and ravishingly attractive bangs of this asymmetrical bob cut are really awesome to behold. Yet, the addition of deep burgundy color creates an astonishing effect which is quite alluring and elegant at the same time. You will surely love to have this fascinating color and hairstyle.

The Lovely Reddish Messy Hairstyle

This cool messy hairstyle is further punctuated by the choice of red color for the hair. The asymmetrical cut, likewise, creates an additional effect which is quite intriguing. For a change, you may want to try this cool messy hairstyle.

The Medium Natural Blonde Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

Cool and lovely, this awesome blonde colored hairstyle is definitely very alluring and elegant. Likewise, the layered hair adds texture and volume to the total look. The asymmetrical bangs also create a fantastic jagged look which is quite attractive and captivating. Try this hairstyle and you will really love it.

The Awesome Classic Bob Hairstyle with Streaks of Blonde and Brown

Cool and attractive, this typical bob hairstyle is enhanced by alternating streaks of brown and blonde colors. The effect is interestingly charming and glamorous. Likewise, it is very feminine and bewitchingly engaging.

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