Cool Shaved Side Hairstyles for Men


When women first meet a man, the first thing she looking at is his hairstyle. So, a hairstyle is essential to flatter one’s appearance. Shaved style brings cool, trendy, and stylish for men. Thanks to shaved side hairstyles for men, you can make impressive every woman immediately!

Sides Blowback: Shaved hairstyles for men

For this shaved style, after cutting in the hair salon, you should use styling products and dryer to get the blowback effect. Ready to go out and hear many compliments!

Shaved Rocker Crop

The most creative point of this cut is the undercut below the hawk because it starts sharply to create a line of delineation. So, save this picture if you want to experiment with the new one.

90s Shaved High and Tight        

This shaved style is inspired from the 90s. However, your hair must be bleached before dying to bright blonde. It works great on the base dark hair. Although you don’t have high maintenance, it not impact too much on your roots.

Military Style Cut

This cut belongs to those who want to keep the short on sides in a modern way. Ask the barber to start above the temples and let him know what you want such as a classic or skin fade.

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Perfect Shaved Fade for Men

It is always popular despite time because this cut achieves a clean look. You just need to find a good hairstylist and the right styling product for a good one.

Shaved Sides and Waves      

Another clean style is the shaved sides and waves. Although it is not really long on top, it makes enough the distinction. Plus, you can create natural waves by using hair products.

As you can see, shaved side hairstyles for men can be done in a variety of ways. So, which one you will wear in the next hair salon visit?

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