Coolest Facial Hairstyles For Men in 2020


Do you know that facial hair just is partly as important as the hair on top of your head in styling and identifying your personality, behavior, or hobby? If you’re a guy who wants to change your beard style to have a novel look, or you just want to be more mature, make sure you check these ….cool facial hairstyles for men to choose the best one for you.

Short Stubble

This may be one of the easiest facial hairstyles that you can try at home. You just need to trim your beard as short as possible to create a clean, edgy look.

Bandholz Beard

This thick beard style is for men who innately have a bushy and voluminous beard, and you need to spend time on growing to form the perfect shape. Remember to trim your beard carefully to eliminate scraggly hairs at your chin.

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This is one of the classiest facial hairstyles for men that is back into the spotlight. All you need to do is to grow your hair into a thick, bushy beard and then gradually trim it closer at the sides into a point or a rounded point.

Anchor Beard

The name of this style is named after the shape like an anchor after trimming. This facial hair is great for guys having troubles in growing a full, bushy beard, or those who want to have a classic beard style that is suitable for almost all haircuts.

Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard is slightly similar to the anchor one, but this fits men with both thin and thick beards.

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Line-up Beard

If you’re a person who loves the perfectly shaved line, you should consider this style. The beard as an extension of the clean shapes creates a look of the perfect line-up as a whole.

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Short Tapered Beard

A tapered or faded cut at the sides and extended to the beard will bring in a cool look for you. It also shows that you’re a man who puts time and takes care of your appearance.

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