Cotton Candy Hairstyles That Are as Sweet as Possible


Bright, vivid hair color is unique and eye-catching. The uber-trendy cotton candy hairstyles phenomenon is one of the new ways to experiment that catch the trend.  The look may include every candy-inspired hue and the results are totally yummy.

Unicorn Mane

Nothing can be beautiful as this pretty cotton candy hair with pastel pinks and purples. We recommend you should go with a soft balayage to make a “delicious” result.

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Rainbow Bright and Braided

The plait’s color weave of this hairstyle is added to create its look like a masterpiece. Pair with braided crown and show off your colored hair in a chic and beautiful way.

Candy-Coated Curls

Cotton candy hair colors are best worn in boho braids. So, if you are looking for an ultra-feminine hairstyle, you should choose to weave a French braid half-updo that displays every single fluorescent shade perfectly.

Pretty in Pastel

We have to say that nothing can be suitable than multi-colored locks. The tip is that ask the stylist to weave in pastel rainbow highlights to provide a lovely blonde mane in your hair.

Feminine Fishtail

With a fishtail braid on the top half of hair, this hairstyle mimics the beautiful iridescent scales of the rainbow. Its result is pure magic.

Rosy Ringlets

We think that pastel pink color creates a “roses” effect.  You should add some chunky pieces of soft rose-colored highlights into your blonde hair for a romantic style.

A Mermaid Moment

Does the mermaid colors effect have some fun? Yes, it totally does with ultra-light pastels. Now, you will become a beautiful mermaid by using this color idea.

So, we believe that you have a great passion for cotton candy hairstyles right? Take a favorite one and ready to visit the salon!

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