Creative braided hairstyles in summer 2020


Creative braided hairstyles in summer 2020

Besides ponytail hairstyles, in 2020 braided hairstyles are the most versatile hairstyles for those who want to refresh their appearance. Moreover, this is an indispensable hairstyle in every summer. We already collect some creative braided hairstyles that will help you achieve the best look.

Dutch braid

This is an underhand braid style, meaning your braid will stand out from your head rather than lying flat. It is easy to make when you know how to make the classical three-strand braid. Dutch braid has many names, so sometimes, people call it “reverse of French braid”. It is a great way to create your hair when you receive a party invitation or other occasions, particularly in the hot summer.

Creative braided hairstyles 2020: Braided Bun

The braided bun is one of the best choices for you when it comes to special events like festivals. Although there are many options/variations of braided buns, combining double-braid with buns is the trendiest way to wear this style.

Crown braid

If you are going to attend special events such as proms and wedding parties, opt for the crown braid. This style not only can help you disguise a bad hair day but also give you a princess look.

Ghana braids

Rebellious girls often go for Ghana braids because of its versatility. There are many ways to wear this style, but the simplest way is to braid front to back. You can also start at the crown of your head or go side to side.

Let’s keep discovering these braided hairstyles to refresh your presence in summer 2020.

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