Curly Shag Has a Big Comeback in the Past 2 Years


In the 1970s, you might or could not, but stars like Jane Fonda, Stevie Nicks, and Mick Jagger are all popular today. Today, we tip our hat into the seventies look that has come in a full circle in the form of the curly shag. Yes, the shag is back, and it looks like it’s staying for good.

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What is the curly shag?

There are layers used to create volume around the head crown, then tapered into feathered ends, typically at bob or shoulder length. The style always includes bangs and is often unregulated with an attitude of rock n’roll.

How is the shag different now?

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We have a less serious, more multifaceted understanding of the Shake style. A lob (long bob) may be shag-style, parts may be shorter or longer and texture may be significant. Color is now playing an even larger role, with experts using different techniques to offer hair color, brightness and volume.

How to style your curly shag at home?

First of all, the cut itself requires the hand of a professional person or you face much more transportation than the seventies! When styling at home, we recommend Tecni. ART Powder-in Lotion, which gives hair structure and holds without heaviness or sticky residue, to texture liquid mineral powder. Just shake, spray and all!

I haven’t got curly hair: can I get the look?

Yes! And Yes! It might take a bit more time, but even people with straight hair can make the curls look their own. In L’Oréal Professional salons, the Advanced Dulcia perm treatment offers long-lasting, high-resistance, and protected curls, so you won’t have to worry every time about curling your hair.

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