Cute Upside-Down French Braid Ideas for Girls


French braid is fairly common for all girls when mentioning about braid styles. However, many beauties are confused to find some updating styles with French braids. If you are one of them, check out these upside-down French braid ideas that inspirit you immediately.

Braided Updo with Curls: French Braid Ideas for Girls

The combination of updo and this upside-down braid is a great option for those who have balayage hair because it helps your braid dimensional.

Messy Flipped Braid and Bun

At first glance, this updo hardly includes any plait, just a few crisscrossed sections. But a loose messy braid with a lazy ballerina bun on the top makes you get a cool summer look anywhere you go.

Elegant Bow Braid

Don’t just think a regular bun is an option to style your hair. This elegant updo with a bow is an adorable and sweet updating for all girls on special occasions.

Mohawk French Braid        

When wearing a style with the sides of your hair is shaved, you may think it is limited to create some new one. However, this upgrading French braid is the best example for a Mohawk hair girl. You can make it easier because you have less hair to work in.

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Music Festival-Ready Double Buns

Try this punk rock style by dividing the hair into two sections for the festival occasion. Plus, you can add some bold color to achieve a stunning effect.

Braid into Sock Bun

If you have a sock hand, experiment it with an upside-down braid. It is suitable for both casual and formal situations.

French Braid into Pony

One of the simplest ways is to mix French braid with a high ponytail. It brings a cool, informal in daily life.

After seeing these upside-down French braids, which one inspirit you immediately?

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