Edgy Flat Twist Hairstyles You Need To Check Out In 2020


Flat twists are the neat ways to add new protective style to your hair. There are many ways to style your hair, for example, two-strand twists on natural and relaxed textures or cornrows usually for beginners, etc. So, we are here to show you these beautiful flat twist hairstyles to get more ideas.

Cross-Twisted Flat Twists

There is nothing better than cross twists. Just simply divide your hair into three sections. And, after a big braid is done in the middle section, two other side sections twist and cross to a form diamond-shaped.

Flat-twisted Low Bun

This flat twist with a bun is not only artistic but also classic that makes all women feel crazy. Plus, this style works great on those who have to walk all day in a hot area.

Loose Flat-Twisted Low Bun

Different from classic style, it brings a youthful vibe for women. This is a great combination with a leather jacket and black pants.

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Flat Twists Semi Crown

To get this flat-twist, you must use the tail end of a rat-tail comb and divide your hair into many parts. And then, weave all the sections in one big crown which are weaved into a flat twist to complete the look.

Thin Flat Twists Top Knot

Thin flat makes your hair look thicker and cool. Instead of using an elastic band to secure the top knot, try to do it in the middle because it adds more design to your hairstyle.

Big Flat-Twisted Mohawk

Mohawks are always so edgy, right? That is the reason why you should try this big flat-twisted Mohawk and ready to go.

That is the list of best flat twist hairstyles that we have collected for you. We believe that you won’t miss any of them!

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