Everything You Need to Know About Curling Iron Sizes


Curling iron sizes are confusing. However, whether you have straight hair or curly hair, these tools are always indispensable items, especially for girls and ladies. You may not notice it, but choosing the right size is the most important part of the styling process, it can directly affect the finished look. Take my word for it, once you have mastered these basic rules, you will have the hair that every girl dreams of.

Basically, the size of the curling iron depends on the size of the curl you want. In general, short barrels are for short hair. If you have long hair, you rather spend money on qualified curling irons with large barrels. However, the ideal length is medium. Shoulder-length or medium length hair makes all sizes of the barrels work with consuming too much time.
For more information, let’s dive into the individual type.

1. 2-inch iron

This iron gives you the look as if you have just dropped by the local blow dry bar like the ones of Sandra Bullock. Try out the Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron ($53).

2. 1 ½-inch iron

Loose and voluminous curls of Whitney Port are made from this iron. For this particular style, we highly recommend the Sultra Bombshell 1 ½-Inch Rod Curling Iron ($130).

3. 1-¼-inch iron

If you want subtle and organized curls like Lily Aldridge, try the iron having 1-¼-inch barrel iron. Whether you want a tight or loose wave, this size of the barrel will work perfectly.

4. 1-inch iron

Taylor Swift’s fans out there, this iron is for you. You can produce really soft curl on long hair when brushing through. We love the Drybar 3-Day Bender 1” Barrel Curling Iron ($125).

5. ¾ inch iron

The retro-chic style of Amanda Seyfried can be created by a ¾ inch iron. To imitate this style, you should curl your hair in only one direction.

6. 5/8-inch iron

This 5/8-inch curling iron brings in the same textured waves as ones of Selena Gomez. Our advice is to try a great mousse to keep your curls in place all day long.

7. 3/8-inch iron

If you want natural curls just like Beyoncé, this one is perfect.

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