Fashionable Hair Colors for Fall and Winter 2020


When the weather is becoming cooler, it is time to transfer your wardrobe of tank tops to cozy sweaters and cute boots for fall and winter. How about your hair color? You should change to a darker hue or bold vivid that brings a warm feeling. So, check out some best examples of hair colors for fall and winter this year.

Sweet Tea: The Most Out-Standing Hair Color for Cold Season

Sweet tea is the combination of rose and gold or coppery colors. The added cool-tone gives tons of contrast while maintaining a mellow ginger vibe. It creates a warm feeling as same as a hot cup of tea for the seasons at the end of the year.


When you mix warm and cool colors, you can receive a super unique, mysterious look. Plus, it is better if you have natural blonde color. The tip is that try to blend the root darker than your available color and add some ash tones.

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Vivids Trendy Hair Color

Vivid colors now become more and more popular. So, let’s try this color with an ombre effect for the winter/ fall season. Deep aquamarines, violets, and fuchsia are the best options for cool weather. Plus, colorful hair and bright tones work great for a dimensional look.


Merlot is a modern updated edition of burgundy. Choose the darker base before deciding to dye this on-trend style for winter. Moreover, you should add brighter highlights through the end to get a more dynamic look.

Silver Fox

This style works great for all ages, but especially in winter. Imagine that others will see your silver sparkle on the street or wherever you appear. However, you should have a high maintenance to keep it always shining.

Go deeper on this season; let’s move to a new color for warming purposes. Which ones of hair colors for fall and winter attracted you a lot?

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