Ginger Hair – 7 Facts That’ll Definitely Surprise You


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People with ginger hair often give a mysterious vibe that no other colors can give. If confession is needed, a lot of us (including you and I) have so many uncertain things when it comes to this color. We concluded 8 facts that you may not know.

1. Less than 2% of the world’s population have red hair

The number of redheads is about 140 million. Scotland accounts for the highest percentage of natural ginger hair with 13%. Ireland comes right after with 10%.

2. Lucky redhead women have more sex

It is proved that redhead gals tend to have more sex than the ones that have blonde or brunette. To be specific, women with ginger hair, on average, have sex three times a week. Whereas, other counterparts engage in sexual intercourse only twice a week.

3. Red hair is thicker than other colors

Despite the fact that redheads mostly have less hair, merely about 90,000 strands while the number of blondes is approximately 110,000. Therefore, each strand of ginger hair is thicker and more vibrant than the rest colors.

4. Redheads are more likely to develop skin cancer

Compared to other hair colors, people with red shades have fairer skin. They are more sensitive to ultraviolet light, thus, more likely to suffer from skin cancer and other dangerous cancers.

5. Blue-eyed redheads are super rare

Blue eyes and ginger hair are a perfect combination, but also the rarest one, though.

6. Redheads don’t go grey

Many people assume that red hair will turn grey. But it’ not true at all. The color fades to rose gold throughout time.

7. Climate change is threatening the gene

Redhead cannot adapt well to the warm temperature. Due to climate change and the rising heat, we have witnessed a stable decline of these regressive genes in Scotland. And the worst scenario? It may become extinct.

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