Great Ponytails with Bangs Inspirited Ideas


We think that sometimes the sweetest hairstyle for women is just a lovely ponytail with bangs. It is not complex so that every woman can achieve it in a short time. Moreover, it brings you a great, professional style in workplaces or even parties. That’s why we are going to give you some best ponytails with bangs that you can do every morning.

Side-Swept Pony

With those who already have bangs, you should think more about side ponytail. it can be low, or high pony as you desire. The tip for you is to use some strands of hair and wrap around to cover the elastic. Plus, it will work better in curly or loose hair.

High Braided Pony with Peek-a-Boo Bangs

This is one of the most popular ponytails with bangs because it can go with all hair types and colors. Also, it belongs to those who have long hair length, and finish with some minutes and easy steps.

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Double Tied Pony

Another ponytail for long hair is double tied. This style is so versatile not only for saving your bad hair day but also for refreshing your look.

Glamorous Pony with Side Bangs

Side pony is the best choice for long hair women with side bangs on any formal occasions. Make sure that your hair curls the ends before tie it into a low, side ponytail. Plus, use hairspray to secure it.

Half Pony with Parted Bangs

This style suits messy or loose hair. You will need to divide half of your hair and then tie it up high. Treat your side bangs and ready to go out.

Braided Headband and Twisted Side Pony

If you want to emphasize your casual ponytails with bangs, consider a braided headband as an upgrade element. Remember not to braid too tight, keep it in naturally to make you feel comfortable.

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