Green Hair – 10 Ideas to Make your Dream Come True


When I mention green hair color, it is not just about a single green color, but it is all about the coolest tones such as forest, highlighter, lime, and everything in between. If you are already inspired by Billie Eilish’s neon green roots, or if you always want a badass rainbow hair but don’t know where to start, today is your day!

We rounded up 10 hairstyles with green colors. You won’t disappoint as long as you pick one and be 100% ready for your unprecedented transformation.

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1. Neon Green Underlights Style

With this neon green under lights, you’ll rock wherever you go. Imagine you look exactly like every other typical girl on the street just before you flip your hair. What I like about this style is the dimension and the mysterious and spontaneous vibe it carries.

2. White-Green Color

This powder green tint gives the trendy hue an ultimate upgrade.

3. Lime Tips Hairstyle

Want something cool and unique? Why not frost your tips with a neon color? This is the most creative hairstyle that I’ve ever seen.

4. Blonde Ombre Color

We have been too familiar with the combination of green and darker hues like black or brown. Whereas, we never knew this shade works even more perfectly with blonde hair until someone thinks outside the box.

5. Green-Flecked Bangs

Turning your fringe into the glorious color lightens your entire face. Prove yourself!

6. Bright Roots

Billie is extra. That’s why we love her. Try out this style if you’re her fan.

7. Sea Green Ombre Color

The mixture of seafoam, cobalt, and yellow-green tones brings mermaid season back.

8. Forest Balayage

You must try out this forest balayage if you love green but still go to subtle hair color.

9. Dip-Dyed

Dip your ends for a more edgy look than your typical ombre.

10. Silvery-Green

As any Slytherin can tell you, green and silver are a combination that will never go out of style.


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