Hair Colors for Gorgeous Tan Skin


The first thing to notice when choosing a new hair color is to think about whether it suits your skin. Tanned women are best known for their sexy skin and confident as well as a lively look. So if you have a gorgeous tan skin tone, it’s only right that you flaunt it. And tan-skinned girls, you don’t need to envy with their light-skinned fellows for their airy and beautiful blonde locks. There are plenty of stunning hair colors for tan skin. Let’s choose and be always fabulous.

1. Light Brown

If you want to go brunette, then check out this light brown option. This pretty color highlights your features while adding warmth to your complexion as well. It will make you look as natural as possible, and no need to worry about too much attention.

2. Mahogany Brown

In fact, the real trending color for the tanned girl is reddish-brown. Perfectly blending red and brown together, you can say it will change your look entirely. Yet, the color fades quite fast, so it’s not a good choice for girls who love permanence.

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3. Brown Blonde Ombre – Popular hair colors for tan skin.

Two colors are stunning than one. If you are already tired of your original brown hair, then try bleaching the ends to a light, golden blonde. Not only it gets you a stylish look, but you also don’t need too much maintenance for it.

4. Auburn

For girls who want to go red with your tanned skin, just pick an auburn hair color without considering it.  It’s a warm and calm shade and doesn’t need too much maintenance.

5. Honey Blonde

Tanned skin looks beautiful with warm colors. And that’s why honey blonde is another stunning option for these girls to try. This color will leave your hair looking luminous and natural as much as possible.

6. Amethyst

If you are crazy about a totally stand-out color, then feel free to go amethyst. With a burst of sparkling violet color to your strands, it will make everyone say wow at your new look.

7. Fiery Orange

Maybe this color is quite outstanding, it can lighten your skin tone very well. Try this color and you will get yourself a brighter, livelier, and more energetic outlook.

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