Hairstyles for Women Who Have Heart-Shaped Faces


Women often find many difficulties when they choose a hairstyle that suits their face shapes and helps them more confident and beautiful. When mentioning about heart shape, they confuse between it and V shape, but they are not the same in reality. We are here to give you many useful tips on how to correctly choose a hairstyle that flatter your facial textures, especially in the heart face shape. Check out the collection of hairstyles for heart face shapes and see what we will bring to you!

What Are the Best Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces?

You should know the character of the heart shape is the combination of beauty and refinement. With the angles of it, women who have this face shape will have a board forehead, high cheekbones, and narrow chin. Their face is longer than its wide, known as “Widow’s peak”. That is the reason why they need to find the right hairstyle for themselves.

To get a harmonious face, they need to achieve the balance between the upper and lower part. So, the task of them is to make other focus on their eyes and chin in order to detract attention from the forehead.

What You Should Avoid If You Get Hairstyles for Heart Face Shapes?

Here are some hairstyles we don’t recommend you to get

1. Blunt Thick Bangs:  you might look sick and exhausted if you cut it.

2. Volume on the crown: this look can make you look older, even a few years.

3. You should avoid all puffy or very short styles to go with your heart shape.

These choices only emphasize the sharpness of your chin and your wide forehead. Plus, the cheekbone will not elongate if you add some volume in this area.

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Keep reading and give a look at the photos of the best hairstyles for heart face shapes to get more ideas!

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