Headbands Are The Best Accessory For Prom Night?


Right now, headbands are incredibly common and almost every hairdo is complemented with a little pizazz to your look.

Why we all love headbands?

Core strips are a super easy and extremely versatile way to improve any outfit! We believe that they are the perfect accessories for Prom Night 2017, as they are trendy and come in a wide range of styles that surely reflect your personality. They are perfect. For example a floral headband could talk to a bohemian style, while a rocker chick could shout in a stubble or leather-decorated headband! We love that headbands help you keep your hair safe when you mess up the floor as well.

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Best Hairstyles for Headbands

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We usually believe updos work best when it comes to using hair accessories on an elegant occasion as they will not overcome your choice of headwear. We like the look of the jewelry bands paired with a center part, low bun when you go for a royal and glamorous style. Let the Khaleesi shine inside you! Tell your designer to tease your hair a little so that you don’t look too serious. You can also check a classic red lip for a colored pop, but you will certainly find the rest of your styling simple. If you like bohemian chic more, we think it fits great, with a messy or wavy sideswept updo, for a simple floral crown headband. Pay heed to the hairstylist

Plan ahead

Should not be afraid to ask your designer in advance for your expert opinion! The look you ‘re trying to achieve when taking the appointment is worth talking with you, and they will help you pick a headband that works for you and your equipment before the night arrives.

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