Hottest Hair Dye Colors Of All Time


Hair dying is always a hot topic in the beauty world, women have been looking for advice and tips before changing their hair color. It could be dangerous since some hair colors are relatively difficult to match, you need to take into account some recommendations before dying your hair. For example, you need to know which type of skin tone suits which colors or which hairstyle wouldn’t go well with which colors. There are a lot of opinions saying that you would look extra pale if your skin is light and your hair color is white or light blond or mid-tone Asian complexion with yellow/dark red color wouldn’t make a great combo. But they are all just perspectives, you can always try out exotic colors for a fresh look! Who knows if it would become a trendy color next year soon. Are you new to hair-dying or someone who wants to find new ideal colors to dye? Let’s take a look at several hottest hair dye colors that are never outdated! 

1. Purple Ombre

Purple is an easy color for almost every skin tone, especially ombre wavy purple hair. It is a safe and stylish option for your first try.

2. Gold Rose

If you want to walk down the street with looking like a babe, Gold Rose dye will sure do the job! This fashionable trendy hair color wins many celebrities’ hearts in recent decades and becomes hotter and hotter nowadays.

Hottest hair dye colors: 3. Ombre Silver / Ombre Lavender

Ombre is always a good option for any color in case you love a light hair color but don’t want your face feature to get blended into the light tone. Smokey hair is not a new concept but it is still very popular because of the charming look it brings.

4. Orange Red

Here it comes a super duper cool hair color! Do you know that red hair looks stunning under the sun ray? By adding a little orange, it would decrease the intensity of the redness and suits for many complexions.

Hottest hair dye colors: 5. Typical Blond

Either wavy blond or Straight hair blond would give you a sweet baby doll, American sweetheart look. And it is loved by women all over the globe!

6. Caramel Brown

Brown hair is never a difficult color, it’s not only fit every newcomer but also match various hairstyles.

7. Blue Dye/ Teal Dye

Do you know this blue-ish shade is very hot this year? It was thought to be hard to match with any complexions, but to our surprise, it is not. In fact, it was adopted by many Popstars and especially popular in Asia!

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