How to Choose the Right Bangs for Your Face Shapes?


How to Choose the Right Bangs for Your Face Shapes?

Getting the right bangs for your face shape is one of the best ways to transform your appearance. Bangs are merely a very small part on your face but it can make a huge difference. Consequently, if you get the right bangs, which suits perfectly your face shape, you’ll turn to be stunning and gorgeous. On the other hand, if you get them wrong, it may become a disaster. Understanding those facts, we are here to give you guidelines to choose bangs to depend on the different face shapes. 

1. Bangs for Round faces

Despite the versatile feature of bangs, many girls owning a round face think any bangs do nothing but make their face shorter and rounder. However, I ensure that it won’t happen if you follow our guide. We recommend bangs that elongate your faces such as side-swept or symmetric ones. And they should be lightweight and have wispy textures as well.

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2. Bangs for Heart-shaped faces

Girls and ladies having this type can try out side-swept bangs or blunt bangs. They can make your wide forehead appear smaller and turn to be much more well-balanced. With blunt bangs, which reach a bit below your eyebrows, the pointed chin will get softer. Moreover, slightly heavier and choppy textures also are great choices.

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3. Bangs for Oval faces

If you have oval faces, you are so lucky since this shape is ideal for every bang. So, for this one, be free to experiment with every style. We recommend you try out the micro bangs, long bangs, or a blunt cut. Choosing the one that you like and find out your favorite.

4. Bangs for Long faces

On contrary to round faces, if you have long faces, you should try the bangs which help make your face look shorter by covering some parts of your forehead. Try out longer bangs like the blunt cut or tapered bangs.

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5. Bangs for Square faces

The main goal here is to soften the angles of the square face. Long, side-swept bangs with a wispy, angled cut work perfectly.

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