How to French Braid: A Tutorial for Beginners


The French braid is appealing to anybody at any age and any gender, you cannot deny. Despite this fact, many of us know nothing else except the simple three-strand braid. Why not try to upgrade a little bit with the more complicated one? Learning how to create a French braid can open a new world of unique hairstyles. Here is a step-by-step tutorial that can upgrade your braiding level. Follow these steps and practice to finish them in a few minutes.

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French Braid: STEP 1

Start from the top of your hair. Take some and divide it into three equal parts. Separate it in certain sections like left, middle, and right. The more equal these strands are, the easier the next steps become.


Cross the left section over the middle one. Combine them with a nearby section. Take the right hair part for the first move!

French Braid: STEP 3

The, cross the right section over the middle one and put it with the left part to form a cluster.


Repeat the above steps. Cross the left section over the middle, combine them with the right one, again, and again until you get used to it. Braid your hair all way down to create perfect volumes.

French Braid: STEP 5

Stop the process until you go down to the nape of your neck. Put your hair forwards to one side of your neck and do the last steps by carrying out the basic three-strands braid.

Secure your braid with a tie. Add some bobby pins to keep this hairstyle every day. You can adjust your hair to create more volumes by loosening the braids. From this French styles, you can create countless other braids as long as you stay creative!

Good luck girls!

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