How To Naturally Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Thicker


You are struggling in making your hair grow faster? There’s a fact about hair you should know: Hair typically grows only a quarter to a half an inch max per month. No matter how often you get it trimmed or how much vitamins you add to it, you cannot get a butt-length hair in a short time. Yet, there are still some tips to help your hair grow quickly at its maximum level – half an inch per month, or even speed it up a little bit. So, let’s find out what natural ways can boost your hair’s regrowth faster

1. Invest in scalp care

Many people often ignore their scalp when taking care of their hair. It’s a big mistake that almost everyone commits in their first try. A healthy scalp can help you boost blood flow and nutrients to nurture your hair better. It’s also the foundation for your hair to grow and be healthy. Using a scalp mask or stimulating it by regular massage can help increase blood circulation and bring nutrients to your follicle faster. 

2. Consider frequent trims

It’s a long-lasting debate whether trimming your hair often makes it grow faster or not. Until now no professionals can answer this problem for sure, yet there’s one thing you can believe in: Regular trims give you long, healthy-looking hair. Get your hair cut just eight of an inch every 2 months to prevent split ends and thinner strands. 

3. Spend on hair-growth vitamins

Vitamins can be very beneficial to your hair’s health, not just regrowth. Try to maintain a balanced diet to provide a proper amount of nutrients to your body. You’d better ask for a doctor’s advice on what vitamins are necessary for your hair’s texture as it just consumes what it needs.

4. Styling properly

A critical component of encouraging hair growth is to avoid harmful practices. Blow dryers and styling irons can certainly damage your hair, making it dry and brittle. Bleaching is also another harmful thing to do to your hair, reducing its ability to regrowth. Besides, sunlight, salt, or chlorine-contained water can also be a damaging factor to your hair’s development. Try to stay away from these unhealthy practices to protect your hair. Let it breathe a little before your next styling. 

5. Wash less

Washing your hair too much can clear away your hair’s natural oil, making it broken, dry, and brittle. Depending on your hair type, the number of times to shampoo your hair per week will vary. It’s professionals’ advice that you should only lather up at your scalp, and let the water rinse away immediately.

6. Brush gently

If you are used to quickly rip a brush through your hair, you might want to reconsider. Aggressive detangling can cause physical damage to your hair and prevent it from growing longer. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair to minimize breakage. Avoid detangling your hair after washing as this is when your hair is most vulnerable.

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7. Use a silk pillowcase

It might be a surprise to you that a pillowcase can contribute to your hair’s regrowth. In fact, many hair breakages are caused by cotton pillowcase as it absorbs all the moisture of your strands and leads to tangles. Meanwhile, a silk one is believed to generate less friction and give hair a softer surface to rest on. 

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