How to protect your hair while sleeping


It is said that most of your hair breakage and split ends occur while you are sleeping. So, preparing your hair before bedtime is an effective solution to improve the hair breakage situation. These are some important tips for you to protect your hair while sleeping.

sleep-on-a-silk-pillowcase-4 How to protect your hair while sleeping

Never Attempt to Go to Bed with Wet or Damp Hair

The hair structure will be broken easily when it is wet or damp. Therefore, if you brush, sleep or do something with wet hair, the hair will stretch and deform the follicle rather than snapping back into shape. That is the reason why your hair is damaged and rough. You should use a microfiber towel to gently pat dry and remove excess water after washing your hair. To get it dry quickly, using a hairdryer and avoid brushing it when it wet.

Tip to protect your hair while sleeping: Applying hair oil before going to bed

Hair oil will create a protective layer around each follicle that keeps your hair structure stronger and softer. Otherwise, oil also helps to minimize dryness and friction overnight. Argan oil is considered the best choice for hair daily without leaving greasy on your hair.

Wear a Silk Cap

Wearing a silk cap is added with apply oil for your hair because it encourages further overnight protection. Preventing hair frizz and overnight friction will help your hair be smooth in the next morning. Let’s invest a good quality silk cap.

Tip to protect your hair while sleeping: Use silk pillowcase

If you feel uncomfortable with a silk cap, a silk pillowcase is a perfect replacement. Silk is much softer than traditional pillowcases material, such as cotton or other cotton counts. It will be less hair friction overnight and your hair can slide off the pillowcase easily that is not causing unnecessary roughness to the hair follicle.

sleep-on-a-silk-pillowcase-2 How to protect your hair while sleeping

Keep using these tips to help you wake up with softer, healthier and more manageable hair in daily morning.

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