Impressive Haircuts and Hairstyles for Long Dark Brown Hair


Impressive Haircuts and Hairstyles for Long Dark Brown Hair

To keep long dark brown hair looking strong, healthy and stylish you will need to complete salon procedures with proper home care and right styling products. Let’s learn together how to enhance the long length, maintain brunette color, and choose flattering hairstyles for your gorgeous dark locks!

What haircuts suit long dark brown hair best? Too simple and flat styles will be a miss and a total bore. Choose layered and step haircuts, shaggy ends, textured bangs. A great idea will be to brighten up your long brown locks with full or barely there partial highlights (cool-toned ashy or silver, warm chocolate, caramel or golden blonde shades). They will look marvelous tied in a bun, ponytail, or a braid. As for the styling, loose beach waves, big curls and blown out flipped ends are still the most working variants. Check the gallery below for more ideas of current long dark brown hairstyles.

Armpit-Length Brown Hair with Curled Ends

Gorgeous long dark hair is achievable. First of all, you need to cure all your hair problems — split ends, dry flakes, dandruff, as they are very visible on brunette locks. To prevent your long dark brown hair from fading and looking dull you need a good color preserving shampoo and conditioner. Minimize heat styling, include SPF protection into your hair routine, and give blue shampoos a try. Apart from making homemade hair masks, plan pro salon treatments (Keratin, mesotherapy, and Olaplex if you highlight your hair). All this sounds more complicated than it actually is, and the result will be luscious!


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