Korean Hairstyles – 3 Major Trends in 2020


It cannot be denied that South Korea has been the rising epicenter for beauty trends all over the world. The waves of K-pop hairstyles and Korean skincare cultures have shaped people’s beliefs when it comes to beauty standards.

However, things have changed, in a positive way, I believe. As stated by Chahong, a famous hairstylist and a salon owner, the inner beauty has been more prioritized recently. This statement is clearly explained through the minimal lifestyle and self-reflection trend.

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Therefore, in the context that people are less concerned about the appearance, the hairstylist needs to update. To be specific, Korean hairstyles which are low-maintenance and have light, natural colors will be focused. In the collaboration with Song Yejin, the digital editor and Korean hairstylist, we are about to give you a deeper look at what are on-trend right now.

1. Korean Hairstyles: Ash Tones

When girls in Korea don’t know whether they should dye their hair into blonde or blue, they tend to go for the in-between colors – ash tones. According to the hairstylist Kim Sunwoo, these cool hues eliminate the red shades that lay in much natural hair of the Koreans. That helps their hairstyles look much more vibrant.

Among all of those ash tones, “Bambi brown”, which comes from a gray tone mixing with chocolate brown, is definitely the one going viral for a while recently.

2. Korean Hairstyles: Wind Perm

Perm is what makes me get excited when it comes to Korean hairstyles. This wind simple perm is more simple than the classic version. Perm with the shape of a “C” and “S” is the most popular one. These looks create airy and windblown effects, bringing in the chilling and relaxing vibes.

3. Face Line Cut

This trendiest style can be created with some sideburns or hair over the forehead which are cut short. A face line cut helps you to get a youthful and face-framing effect. Thanks to the wispiness along the hairline, your face will appear more well-balanced and beautiful.

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