Lovely Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces: Short Hair Styles


Lovely Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces: Short Hair Styles

When you’re a lady with a beautiful round face, your main goal when it comes to haircuts is something that will elongate your profile, not make it appear rounder. That being said, you may be afraid to do the classic pixie cut, as this type of haircut can accentuate roundness if not done properly. Ladies, have no fear! You don’t have to miss out on this sensational trend. We’ve come up with a must-know list of 21 different haircuts specifically designed for round faces, ALL hip and fabulous.

Sleek Side Sweep

Side swept bangs don’t have to cover one eye! This sleek and polished hairstyle has a side part with tresses tossed to one side, but combed up and away from the face to really let her eyes shine through. A great way to elongate the face while playing up your best features!

Layered Back and Framing Front

Undoubtedly one of the most unique hairstyles on this list, this cut features tons of perky and short layers in the back for lovely volume while the front is left extra long, framing the face delicately.

Tousled Lengthy Pixie

An easy way to add instant body to your locks? Just tousle them up a bit! We’re loving her lengthy pixie haircut, with a set of chunky side swept fringes in platinum blonde coloring and a tousled, fun back.

Delicate Framing Side Fringe

There’s something so delicate and regal about this adoring haircut, featuring side swept fringes that are extra long to frame the face gorgeously. With soft pink lips and subtle eye makeup, it’s knockout perfect for fancy occasions like for prom or for homecoming.

Full-Bodied Side Sweep

This is a wonderful choice for women over 50 who want to indulge in an elegant yet stylish ‘do. She leaves her pixie cut rather lengthy on top, tossing it over to the side and teasing underneath for some sultry volume. Great for the office or the dinner party- you decide!

Casual Lengthy Pixie

A wonderful take on the classic pixie haircut, this look screams casual and cute. It’s a wonderful choice for students or younger girls who want something simple yet trendy.

Subtle Side Sweep and Lengthy Sides

You don’t normally see lengthy sides and shorter bangs on a pixie haircut, but clearly it’s not a bad choice. It’s soft and subtle yet can easily be styled up or down depending on the occasion.

Soft Front Sweep and Shaved Back/Sides

The shaved side/back look is incredibly trendy for 2020, and if you’re feeling daring, we suggest giving it a try. Add tons of layers to the rest of your locks and sweep them forward for a very enticing finish.

Chunky Framing Fringes

We love how these bangs go from side to side, yet are swept softly to one side just below the eyebrow. A very casual and fun style!

Tossed to the Side

Round faces should generally stay away from hairstyles parted down the middle, and that’s why we adore this short haircut. The layers are soft and she throws her mane completely to the side in a soft and delicate manner.

Extra Thick Side Sweep

Again, take note of the extreme side sweep: it really elongates the profile and takes an edge off the ’roundness’; not to mention it’s extremely adorable and can be worn literally anywhere!

Extra Short Layers

For women who just don’t want to deal with their tresses but still want to look chic, this one’s for you. She adds tons of extra short layers from root to tip, creating just a pinch of body that lays beautifully.

Basic Businesswomen Cut

This haircut has businesswomen chic written all over it. Not too short, not too long, and just the right amount of product for a slick straight ‘do. So sophisticated!

Tousled Layers

Side swept bangs look good on just about anyone, but are especially lovely on round faces. This cute and tousled style features an abundance of layers short and long throughout, completed by an extra short back and lengthy fringes.

Extra Short Pixie with Teased Up Bangs

Frisky and mod, this is definitely a haircut that’s reserved for women with attitude. The pixie cut is extremely short (but not shaved) while the bangs are teased up and tossed to the side. Don’t forget your hairspray for this unique and polished ‘do!

Extra Long Pixie Tossed Forward

Pixie haircuts don’t always mean chopping off your locks; as you can clearly see here. This hairstyle has some 70s attitude, a great choice for hip ladies who love old school. Tons of lengthy strands are tossed forward and to the side for a messy, seductive finish.

Short on Bottom, Long on Top

Unique and super trendy, this classic short hairstyle features a shaved bottom half while the top layer is left lengthy and fun. The contrast of lengths add serious length to the overall face, making it perfect for round faces and girls who love an edgier style.

Shaved Sides and Swept Forward

This look has some serious modern attitude, and looks like something you’d see on the runway. Shaved sides gives this look an edgy touch while the lengthy top half is swept forward for a very bold and full-bodied style.

Extreme Side Sweep

If you have a round face and you’re struggling with thin hair, we highly recommend this particular cut. The style features contrasting red and blonde highlights for texture that adds instant bulk while the extreme side swept bangs are trendy and cute.

Wild Volume

One easy way to reduce roundness in the face is to simply add tons of wild and unique volume; like we see here!

Contrasting Colors and Short Layers

Everything about this cut and style screams trendy attitude, from the contrasting colors from front to back, to the collection of bouncy short layers.

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