Low Fade Haircut is A Boom


The low fade haircut is the go-to of many guys out there who intend to cut both sides of their hair. This style can go along with high or mid fade haircuts. Low fades are the most popular ones because they are so versatile that they work when added to any hairstyles such as long, short, straight, or curly hair. Each combination will leave a certain vibe that we cannot have enough.

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When it comes to low fade styles, there are tons of them for you to make an option. For instance, you can have a tight low fade with long hair for a cool and badass look. Or else, a bald fade haircut with a line up will definitely transform you into a gentleman regardless of your face shapes.

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In case you are convinced to get your own low fade haircut, here is a list of the best low fades which are expected to be on-trend in the coming months this year.

1. Low Fade Haircut: Low Skin Fade + Quiff + Part

2. Low Taper Fade + Long Comb Over

3. Modern Pomp + Low Razor Fade

4. Faux Hawk + Low Skin Fade

5. High Pompadour + Low Taper Fade

6. Low Fade + Messy Top + Beard

7. Low Drop Fade + Curly Afro

8. Textured Spiky Hair + Low Skin Fade + Full Beard

9. Low Fade + Long Hair on Top

10. Low Fade Haircut: Low Fade + Line Up + Textured Side Swept Fringe

11. Low Fade + Edge Up + Curly High Top

12. All Around Taper Fade + Messy Wavy Top

13. Low Skin Taper + Brushed Back Hair

14. Mohawk + Low Skin Burst Fade

15. Low Cut Fade + Longer Textured Top

16. Buzz Cut + Low Bald Fade + Beard

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