Men’s Hair Highlights That Stand Out


While there are many variations of men’s hairstyles now, however, men’s hair highlights never seem to be out of style. The truth here is that this hairstyle always brings guys a fresh and youthful look. That’s why compared to other hairstyles highlights stand out. To help those who are looking for highlight styles, we bring you a collection of 15 the best men’s hair highlights. We hope you might choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

The first hair highlight that men with dark hair will think of is the blonde one. This hairstyle creates a contrast between the dark hair and the blonde one. To make the final look more complicated, you can ask the barber to add the fade or the slicked back texture.

Silver Hair Highlights on Black Hair

Silver is another favorite color of all time. Similar to the blonde highlights, this one perfectly works on black hair. It is one of the hair highlights that catches others’ attention.

The must-try hair highlights – Platinum Blonde 

If you are looking for an edgy and outstanding hair highlight, this platinum blonde is a must-try. Of course, this hairstyle can go well with the fade, the pompadour, or even an undercut. Rock this style!

Lavender Hair

For those who love something soft, romantic, but trendy. How about choosing the lavender men’s hair highlights? These hairstyles will be all great on thick or fine hair.

Ash Brown Hair

Please consider this last option: ash brown hair highlight. Why? Ash brown hair for men is a flair hairstyle for even the strictest men. This hairstyle can be more especially better on white dudes.

So, have you chosen your favorite one from our album of men’s hair highlights? We hope that our collection has inspired you to wear such the most on-trend hairstyles this year. 

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