Modern Ivy League Haircuts for Men


The Ivy League haircut which is also known as the Princeton clip comes from Americana. This look is versatile because it can skew, such as hipster or athletic if you like. Check these Ivy League Haircuts for Men below to find a new one!

Long Ivy League

This is the classic version of Ivy haircut. We can see it often on professionals and celebrities. You should get a semi-short or medium taper on the sides and back that make this high-end appeal.

Stylish Quiff

Although many people typically incorporate the Ivy League haircut with another part, it can be styled in many ways, especially with Quiff. This modern version is swept forward for volume.

Short and Spiky Haircut

A short haircut is easy to style and protect, but you should ensure that it is creative. The tip is using pomade or styling cream to create volume. Plus, use your fingers as a comb for a messy, imperfect effect.

Ivy League with Mid Fade: Ivy League Haircuts for Men

The style is approved, because of the clean lines around the temples and along the forehead. With a beard, this middle-high fade looks more perfect.

Ivy League with Clean Lines

Another Ivy League haircut with clean lines creates a more urban and smooth feeling. When men have thicker hair, it’s easier to pull off very short lengths.

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Side Part and High Fade

This high fade does it a great job of side part for a look that is classic and modern. We recommend you get the shaved part as an accent for a hipster vibe.

Faded Cut for Wavy Hair

While often considered a good haircut option for straight hair, this Ivy haircut works great in natural waves. Also, thanks to the natural texture and volume of wavy hair, you do not need to use any styling products.

So, which Ivy League Haircut for Men is your favorite in this article? Feel free to tell us right now!

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