New Blunt Orange Hair Color Ideas You Need to Try


In fact, we have seen a lot of common colors like gold, rose gold, or peach, etc. this time to make room for other hair colors like the one might set your hair on fire, blunt orange. This is a great combination of vibrant reds and orange tones. Let’s see some blunt orange hair color ideas that fit your fiery personality!

Copper Burnt Orange Locks

If you don’t want too much outstanding, consider the mix of red with some chestnut brown. This hair color also is beneficial for those who already have natural red hair. Plus, add some waves to get the most perfect effect.

Fade to Peach Color Melt

Starting with the darker root and getting lighter to the ends brings you a bold look than ever before. This flame-like belongs to women who like to experiment more adventurous. You should use hair products to keep this kind of blunt orange for a long time and look healthy.

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Bright Bob with Darker Roots

If you tend to keep short hair, especially the shorter side, you can achieve this great blunt orange color. You can see here the beautiful effect between the subtle darker root and orangey tones flowing to the ends.

Burgundy Red and Peach Split

Do you want more than one look? Of course, you can with splitting your hair into two parts. At the top, you should consider dark wine tone and light orange in the bottom. We assure this is one of the unique looks.

Pastel Orange Lob with Bangs

The good impact when talking about blunt orange is that it lets you play with many tone colors from dark to lighter. This pastel is one of the best examples of bright orange color. Add bangs to finish this idea.

Blunt orange hair color ideas are not only just a shade of color, but also so versatile. Now, you can experiment with many tones and hairstyles.

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